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Museum Perjuangan Yogyakarta

Jl. Kolonel Sugiono No. 24 Mergangsan, Yogyakarta
telp: +62-274-387576

Museum Perjuangan is a museum in Yogyakarta, which was established to commemorate the struggle of Indonesian history and commemorate the half-century National Revival period. Popularity Museum This struggle may not be as good as with other museums such as contained in Yogyakarta like Yogya Kembali Monument, Museums Vredeburg that already very well known and familiar to the tourists. But the Museum Perjuangan that located at Jalan Col. Sugiyono 24 Yogyakarta has historical value and the building construction is quite interesting.

The museum was inaugurated on June 29, 1961 by laying the first stone by Sri Paku Alam VIII. Construction of the museum itself takes about 3 years marked by laying the last stone. But between the years 1963 - 1969, the museum is included in this special type of museum experience difficulties in funding so that eventually closed to the public. This closure continued until 1974 before it was reopened in 1980.

Museum Perjuangan Yogyakarta has facilities for visitors to the museum including a library, auditorium, parking, and toilets. Building the museum is quite unique, because that is a slight hit Round shaped architectural style of ancient Roman and Eastern. The museum is collecting historical objects of struggle, such as reliefs, sculptures, photographs and tables and chairs. The number of collections owned by the museum as much as 200 pieces, taken from the time of national struggle of 1908-1949. There are three dioramas in the museum space, which invites visitors are in shades of struggle.

Access to the Museum of Struggle in Yogyakarta is very easy. Location was very close to the city center makes the location easy to find and accessible by public transport or private vehicle. Opening hours museum is for the Tuesday through Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Friday 8:30 to 11:30 pm, while Saturday and Sunday open at 08:30 to 13:00 pm.



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