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Wisata Adventure Merapi Yogyakarta

Dusun Kinahrejo dan Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Merapi explotion disaster in October 2010, formerly made suffering to Yogyakarta people, especially to residents of Kinahrejo and Cangkringan district which were located nearby mount of Merapi. Mbah Marijan, the guard of Merapi, was one of that disaster victim. Indeed, Mount of Merapi is the only active volcano all over the world.

Impacts of that disaster are large. But those donít make residents sink in sorrow. They are now rise up to continue their life. They work together with volunteers, common society, and government to rebuild infrastructures . First, they built semipermanent shelter far enough from Mount Merapi because of their unworthy housing that were destroyed by Merapiís lava.


New Tourism Area of Merapi

The disaster location of Merapi explotion above is not neglected by residents. Based on initiative of local residents, volunteers, and government, it is now directed to be a tourism area. On this tourism area, visitor can enjoy the new view of Merapi disaster's result. Some interesting objects overthere to be watched are Mbah Maridjanís exhouse and damaged buildings belong to residents as evidences of Merapi explotion.

One of interesting and challenging tourism activity overthere is adventure by driving motocross or ATV (all track vehicle). In this adventure, visitor will be impressed by exciting scene as result of Merapi explotion. Donít worry of lost at there because the area width and difficult to memorize the area. There are guide officers stand by there to help visitor carry out the adventure.

This tour package is divided into two categories, that is tour using ATV and motocross. If you choose tour by ATV, there are short and long trips you can choose. Each of trip offerings beautiful  scene during the tour. Youíll have about 15 minutes trip if you take short route. For this, you will be charged Rp. 25.000,- (for rent small ATV), and Rp. 35.000,- (for rent big ATV). While if renting for long route, you will be charged Rp.35.000 (rent small ATV) and Rp.50.000,- (rent big ATV).

Touring using motocross is also devided into two categories. But the differences is that motocross touring is longer than ATV touring. The motocross short route cost is Rp.50.000,-. While the long trip cost is Rp.150.000,- for two hours. This last trip will pass exciting route, for example you will pass Gendol river, one of Merapi mudflow stream river. About the safety, you will be full protected with safety riding equipment like shirt, helmet, gloves, shoes, and  knee protector.

The other activity you can enjoy at Merapi tour are doing photography. If you donít bring camera, donít worry of losing your great moment there because the guide will offers you photograph service to capture your unforgetable tour just by paying Rp.20.000,-. In the future, this tourist area is going to be developed into outbond tourist and motocross circuit. For women are provided smaller size of motocross. This adventure tourism open everyday and serves the visitor on sunny weather.



To enter this tourism area, visitor must pay Rp.5000,- (per person), Rp. 2.000,- (for motorcycle), Rp.5.000 (for car), and Rp.10.000,- (for bus). This whole contribution fee is planned to be fund for local resident life recovery pascaeruption of Merapi.

This adventure tour is recommended for those who love challenging and nature. These are telephone numbers you can call to join in that adventure tour :

ē             085643395587

ē             082138262240


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