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Gua Pindul Yogyakarta

Dusun Gelaran I, Desa Bejiharjo, Kecamatan Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
telp: +62-8122792300

Cave Tubing at Pindul Cave


Pindul Cave is one of a chain of seven caves that is flowed by underground water in area Bejiharjo. This cave has a length of about 300 m, width 5 m, the distance between water surface and roof of the cave is 4 m, and water depth of about 5 m. In one part of Pindul Caves there is a wide enough of piece so it looks like a large pond. There is also a wide crack on this piece where the sunlight may come in . If you want to get into the cave vertically, so you may through this crack. Not far from there Pindul Cave, there is Gelatik Cave, remains monument of Sudirman , also  archaeological sites of Sokoliman.

That said, name of Pindul Cave comes from the story of Joko Singlulung in odysseying through dense forest, rivers, to the cave to find his father. While he was down seven caves with rivers flow beneath it, his head was bumped a rock in the cave. Therefore, the cave was named Pindul Cave by him.

Appropriate for Beginners

Cavetubing  is similar with rafting. If rafting is activity of flowing down the river by boat, while cavetubing is activity of flowing the cave by tires. Because the water stream of Pindul Cave is calm and its water discharge is relatively the same both in rainy season and dry season, so doing cavetubing in Pindul Cave can also be done by beginners as well as to children.


Cavetubing tour at Pindul Cave provides guide who can guide us to do cavetubing. Its administrator also provides equipment such as tires, life vest, and headlamp. To rent the facility, visitors will be charged about Rp. 25.000 - Rp 30,000. But if you bring your own equipment, so you can do cavetubing without spend your many at all.


Pindul Cave is located in Hamlet Gelaran I, Bejiharjo Village, District Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, about 7 km to the north City of Wonosari. As general region in Gunungkidul, along the way there are many oak and limestone.

  • Penggunaan pelampung sebagai sarana menjaga keselamatan pengunjung
  • Selain menikmati indahnya gua, wisatawan juga bisa berenang di alam terbuka
  • Salah satu tempat favorit liburan untuk staf perusahaan
  • Wisata yang cocok untuk keluarga
  • Bocah-bocah menikmati permainan di sungai
  • Salah satu rumah makan di Gua Pindul



Pindul cave is one of seven rivers that drained by underground river in Bejiharjo area. This cave has 300 meters long, 5 meters wide, the gap between water surface and cave roof is 4 meters, and the water depth is about 5 meters. In one part, there is a quite wide enough place so it looks like a big pool. There is also a whole where the sunshine entrance. For you who want to get in the cave vertically could down through that whole. Not far from this place, there is a cave named Gua Gelatik (dry cave), Jendral Sudirman heritage monument, and Sokoliman archeological site.

People say naming Pindul cave came from the journey of Joko Singlulung exploring forest, river, and cave to found his father. When he passed the seven caves with underground river, his head hit a giant stone, that is why this cave named Pindul by people.

Suits for Beginner

Cave tubing is almost as same as rafting. If rafting is an activity to sailing a river by the boat, so cave tubing does it by sit on a tube. Because the water flow is quite both in dry or rain season, so cave tubing is flexible for beginner or children.


Guides are always available to accompany you while cave tubing. They also provide cave tubing outfit such as tube, life vest, and headlamp.


Pindul cave located in Dusun Gelaran I, Desa Bejiharjo, Kecamatan Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, about 7 km to the north side of city of Wonosari. Like the other area in Gunung Kidul, there are many teak tree and lime stone along the way.

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