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Alun-alun Selatan Yogyakarta

Jalan Alun-Alun Kidul Yogyakarta


A characteristic of an old town in Java is, there is alun-alun at the downtown. This alun-alun is a wide field that surrounds by banyan tree in the middle. One of them is in Yogyakarta.

In powerful era of Mataram Kingdom, Alun-alun Kidul­ (south) was functioned as a place to supported continuity between Keraton (palace) and outside world. Alun-alun Kidul­ also symbolizes a sacred unity of power between King and the nobles in around Alun-alun. In the other side, Alun-alun Lor (north) was functioned to provided the requirements for ongoing of palace.

­ Alun-alun Kidul­ is the back yard of Yogyakarta Palace. Based on the history, Alun-alun Kidul­ was built to change the atmosphere of back yard to be the same with the front yard because Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Palace, and south sea of Java are on the straight line or people called it imaginary line (sort of sacred line).  To make the palace is not look like a place that backs the south sea, Alun-alun Kidul­built.

Still in Alun-alun Kidul­ complex, there are Sasana Hinggil building that used to be a place for King to watch the competition between man and tiger called rampog macan, but the function changes as a place for art performance.

Alun-alun Kidul­ (South) Today

Alun-alun Kidul­ is a southern region of Yogyakarta Palace. Alun-alun Kidul­ becomes a public area today. Many activities could be seen in Alun-alun Kidul­. Approaching evening, Alun-alun Kidul­ becomes an interesting recreation place.

There are many food sellers. In the other side, . Began from people belief, if you could pass by the tress with your eyes closed, your dream would be come true! So, much tourist try to do this.

also becomes a bicycling area in the evening. Decorated pedicabs park in a row with colorful lamps. Alun-alun Kidul­ also be a sport area for Yogyakarta citizen.

There are two old banyan trees in the middle, they fenced by strong fort. The banyan trees are such a interesting object. Began from people’s belief, if you could pass by the tress with your eyes closed, your dream would be come true! So, much tourist try to do this.

 There is an elephant’s cage in Alun-alun Kidul­. The elephants belong to palace. Children used to drove them. But today, the elephants are not exist anymore.

It is easy to visit Alun-alun Kidul­, just go and find the Yogyakarta Palace (Keraton), then go toward south way and arrive at Alun-alun Kidul­.

In the Mataram Palace period, Alun-alun Selatan was functioned to prepare everything in support the relationship maintainance between the palace and the outside world. It also symbolizes the unity of the sacred powers between the king and the nobles who live around Alun-alun Selatan. While the function of Alun-alun Utara (North Square) is to implement everything related to the royal power.

Alun-alun Selatan is the back yard of The Yogyakarta Palace. Historically, it was made to change the atmosphere of The Palace backyard to be seemed like the front one because actually that Mount Merapi, The Yogyakarta Palace, and Pantai Selatan (The South Sea of Java island), is on one straight line if they are withdrawn in an imaginary line. Therefore, Alun-alun Selatan was built in order to the position of Yogyakarta Palace as faces to The South Sea as to Mount Merapi. Within Alun-alun Selatan complex, there is a building called Sasana Hinggil which was used to place for the king watching the human race with a tiger called “rampog macan” in ancient times, but now it changes into a performing arts building.Listen


Alun-alun Selatan  at Present Day

Alun-alun Selatan is also commonly called Alkid (abbreviation from Alun-alun Kidul in Javanese or mean Alun-alun Selatan) is a part of Yogyakarta Palace located on southside of Yogyakarta Palace. Nowdays it become a public space for Yogyakarta resident. Everyday at late afternoon until evening, it transformes into an excited public recreational area.

There are numbers of various food vendors overthere. One excited thing is that Alun-alun Selatan becomes a cycling tour area at night. We can find Tandem bicycle and becak (the three wheel traditional vehicle in Indonesia) which have been modified with attracttive decorated lamps lined up there to be rented by some rented bike owners. It also function as a common sports area for those who love excercise.

There are two old Banyan trees at the center of Alun-alun Selatan. Each of them is surrounded by a solid fence. These Banyan Trees become an interesting object of game. Starting from Yogyakarta society belief that if there is anyone can walk through successfully between two banyan trees with closed eye, so he will achieve his goal easily. Until now many tourists exciting to try this game.

There is an elephant cage at Alun-alun Selatan. It is belong to Yogyakarta Palace. Previously, this elephant is often ridden by children as an entertainment. But now that event has disapperaed although the term of “elephant cage” is still  wellknown by many people.

Because of its location is still in the Yogyakarta Palace area, so tourists will easily to go there. Just need to find the Yogyakarta Palace and follow the road to the southside.


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