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Loji Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta INDONESIA

Loji, The Remain Historical Building of Dutch

Loji is the great building or office or VOC fortress within the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia. In Yogyakarta, we can find numbers of beautiful Loji to see. For those who love photography, Loji is a nice object to be used as its object. It may lead us to the feature of classic atmosphere and to the grandeur of the past.

The oldest Loji in Yogyakarta is Loji Vredeburg or Loji Gedhe, it means  big Loji. Vredeburg fort was built in 1776-1778. The fort which was originally named Rustenburg is actually built on the next of Palace in order to be able to monitor the palace's movements.

In front of Loji Gede, there's Loji Kebon or at present time is known as the Great House or Presidential Palace. It was built in 1824 and lies on area of 43,585 m2, and consists of six main buildings, called the Great House (main building), Government House, Wisma Indraphrasta, Wisma Sawojajar, Wisma Bumiretawu, and Wisma Saptapratala. The main building, called the Garuda Room, serves as the official room to welcome guests of the state or another great guest.

Small loji, is another type of Loji. There is an area of small Loji located in the east side of Loji Vredeburg, it starts from the building of “Shopping” book market to the crossroad of Gondomanan area. Another small Loji is located in the complex of Taman Pintar park. Then the Societet Militair Building formerly used as a Dutch military soldiers’ relax place. This small Loji area is a former of Dutch's central residential area in Yogyakarta. Another Loji is Kerk Protestansche Church, built in 1857. Currently, it is known as Marga Mulya Christian Church, located on the northern Great House. The rest Loji is Kudul Francis Xavier Church, built in 1870.

The last is Loji Satan, as another interesting Loji. The name is taken by its spookiness. Loji Satan was originally called Loji Marlborough that functioned as  the National Committee of Indonesia's office (1925-1949), the State Defense Council's office, and Cabinet Meeting (1948). According to the residents, in particular spaces of this building area are often heard voices of people cry for help and also there's a sound of music. This building is often used for meditation and as an exhibition room by Luch Bescherming Dienst in 1940. Currently, the building became the Parliament Building.


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