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Museum Dan Tanah Liat Yogyakarta

Menayu Kulon RT 07 RW 07 No. 55, Kasihan, Bantul INDONESIA
telp: +62-274-7448911

Ugo Untoro, like all painters, wanted to have his very own studio where nothing would distract him too much and too often from working. He got it in 1998. Then people started to come there, some have not just dropping by but staying for good.

By 2000, Ugo has already found himself getting as walled-in as before; a whole community of artists and indescribable species have occupied practically every space around the vicinity.

His escapade was to be gotten by building a brand new space to host all those people -- and this was what would be the little art space he calls "Museum and Tanah Liat" (Clay, the name of his first kid).

All the Museum's activities have been meticulously listed in so many words at another page. Basically, it takes anyone and anything in: painters, sculptors, collectors and exhibitors of objects, installation artists, dancers, musicians, video artists, and so on. Ugo Untoro is of course the chief curator there. His wife Yayuk manages the establishment. A sculptor, Supar Madiyanto, helps sorting proposals and artists and artworks out. There are several other curators and/or some guys who take care of administrative stuff.

Everyday from 09.00 - 21.00 WIB or by appoinment

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