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Istana Negara Gedung Agung Yogyakarta

Jl. Ahmad Yani Yogyakarta INDONESIA 55122

Istana Yogyakarta, known as Gedung Agung, lies in the heart of the city, on the southward of Jalan Akhmad Yani. The state palace is located on Ngupasan, sub district Gondomanan, Yogyakarta,

The main building of this palace was built on May 1824 by Anthony Hendriks Smissaerat, the Residency of Yogyakarta o the 18 (1823 - 1825). He was the man who insisted to create an elegant palace for the Dutch residences. Its architect was A Payen.

Because of the war of Diponegoro or known as the war of Java (1825-1830), its development was delayed. Later on 1832, its establishment was finished. On June 10, 1867, this Dutch residence was destroyed by the earthquake.  The new building that became the main building of this complex was built in 1869. It is now recognized as the State Building.

On December 19, 1927, the regional status of Yogyakarta as karesidenan was changed into province where a Governor as the leader.

On January 6, 1946, Yogyakarta was chosen as the capital city of the young Indonesia. This building was used as the President palace, the residence of  President Soekarno and family. The vice President Mohammad Hatta lived in a building that recently is office of Korem 072/Pamungkas. Since that time, this palace became the history witness of many great events during the establishment of Indonesia. One of the greatest events was the inauguration of General Sudirman as the Great General of TNI on June 3, 1947.

On December 19, 1948, Yogyakarta was attacked by the Dutch under the command of General Spoor. President, vice President were isolated to the outsideof Java and returned on July 6, 1949.

Since Desember 28, 1949, when President moved to Jakarta, this palace was no longer used as the residence of President.

The palace of Yogyakarta or Gedung Agung, is the same as the palace of President. It also used as a place to welcome the guests of state. Since August 17, 1991, this palace was used to commemorate the seconds of Independence Day and the Twilight Parade every 17 since April 17, 1988.

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