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Goa Maria Lourdes Sendangsono Yogyakarta

Desa Banjaroyo, Kecamatan Kalibawang, Kabupaten Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta INDONESIA

Located on Banjaroyo, district Kalibawang, regency of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Sendangsono is a pilgrimage cave of Mary that is managed by the parish of St. Maria Lourdes in Promasan, northwest of Yogyakarta.

Sendangsono can be reached only about 15 minutes from the high way of Wates, by taking the smaller road leading to the west side. The small road will be an interesting experience for those who visit this place. Cars can easily pass through the winding road.

Entering the place, you will be welcomed by a great cross path begins from the church located on the below area  of Sendangsono. The cross path has length moreless one kilometer to the last stoppage above the water spring (sendang).

Not only used for pilgrimage from around Indonesian pilgrims on the month of Mary on May and October, it also used by the pilgrims to take water that is believed can cure diseases.

From certain people, Sendangsono used to be a rest area for the the people from Borobudur Magelang to Boro (Kulon Progo) or vice versa. Some say that Sendangsono is visited by many people because of the spring exists between the two sono tree.

The hystory of Sendangsono can not be separated from Romo Van Lith SJ, a Dutch churchman who has been lived in Java for long time. Therefore, Sendangsono can not also be separated from the the circle of Catholic in Java.

Hitorically, on December 14, 1904, Romo Van Lith baptized 171 people by the water from the spring of the sono tree, including Barnabas as the first chief of Sendagsono. 25 years later, on Desember 8, 1929, Sendangsono was officially declared as the pilgrimage place by Romo J.B. Prennthaler SJ.

In 1945, the Indonesian Catholic Youngsters had opportunity to visit Lourdes, where they brought the stone--vision of Mother Mary--to be placed under the legs of Mother Mary. From that, Sendangsono was called with Mary Cave Maria Lourdes Sendang Sono.

Later on, in 1974, Sendangsono was taken care by Romo YB Mangunwijaya who gave his touch on the architech of Sendangsono. The architect of Sendangsono, that is close to Java is the work of Romo Mangun. In 1991, the complex of Sendangsono received the best architech award from the architect society for the specific building.

On October 17, 2004, Sendangsono was also used for the holly mass by Mgr. Ign. Surhayo Pr to commemorate the 100 years of Sendangsono.

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