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Desa Wisata Batik Kayu Krebet Yogyakarta

Desa Sendangsari, Kecamatan Pajangan, Bantul INDONESIA

Krebet is an unfertilezed limestone area. Formerly local residents of Krebet relied on agriculture as a source of livelihood. But because it was only seasonal activities and relied on rainfed irrigation and itís unfertilized land, then residents developed other skills to make craft made of wood which was painted with batik. Until now, Krebet is well known as craft center of wooden batik in Yogyakarta.

Wood as Medium of Batik Paint

We commonly know that batik is drawn on the fabric, but not with this one that is made by residents of Krebet subvillage. They make use wood as a medium for drawing batik so that they become the beautiful high value masterpiece which are much demanded by domestic and foreign tourists. Krebet tourism village also has a dried flower handicraft products which is also in great demand by tourists.

The process of drawing batik on wood medium absolutely requires one skill that is different with fabric medium one. Because the batik on wood medium pattern is created manually, not printed, then it requires a high level of accuracy. These are some wooden batik motifes made ​​by residents of Krebet such as motife parangrusak, parangbarong, kawung, garuda, sidorahayu, sidomukti, and other motives.

Various handicraft which are produced by residentsof Krebet such as mask, puppet, cupboard, home accessories, wooden sculptures, jewelry boxes, and other wooden batikdecorative with ranging price starting from the cheap to millions. Its marketingis notonlydomestically, but has penetrated international markets.

Krebet tourism village also offers homestay facilities fortourists who want to know more about the process of making wooden batik crafts or just to enjoy the natural atmosphere of Krebet that still naturally or to learn farming to local residents. Cost to stay at homestay in there is not expensive, that is about Rp. 40.000 - Rp. 100,000 per night.

Krebet tourism village is situated in the Krebet subvillage, Sendangsari Village, Bantul, Yogyakarta, about 12 km southwest of Yogyakarta city. Trip to this tourism village can be taken by crossing the road of Bantul to south side through Kasongan Tourism Village.
Ceremony of Merti Dusun Krebet

Krebet residents is also routinely hold a ceremony called Merti Dusun Krebet. This ceremony is held as their expression form of thanksgiving to God for the abundant crops. In this ritual ceremony is made a banquet called gunungan (mountain), because it is made looks like a mountain of feast containing basic food that is taken by residents in troop uniform along the way of Krebet subvillage and is followed by other villagers who also bring accessories festivity. After being paraded, then they are placed on a terrace called pendapa, then they are given to the elders villager to be prayed and finally they are distributed to the residentsby conquest way.

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