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Map www.bumbudesa.com

Restoran Bumbu Desa Yogyakarta

Jalan Kartini No. 8 Sagan Yogyakarta Indonesia 55223
telp: +62 -274-515701

Bumbu DesaEstablished on September 18, 2008 Bumbu Desa Kedai has opened 21 branches that spread out to 10 cities in Indonesia. The last in Yogyakarta. Bumbu Desa Kedai in Jogja was opened on November 12, 2008.

Arief Wirawangsadita is a owner of this restaurant. Arief does not has a great desire, he only want to open a place for people to eat. So, he opened a simple Sundanese place that served Sundanese food. From one small place, finally Arief can spread out his restaurant to Surabaya, Jakarta, Bogor, Sidoarjo, Cirebon, Makasar, Tanggerang, Bali and Yogyakarta.

Visiting Bumbu Desa, we will get a greeting from the friendly waiters. "Semah" (guest), "Wilujeng Sumang" (Welcome) for the welcome greeting for all guests in Bumbu Desa. "Semah Mulih" (guest go home), "Hatur Nuwun" (Thank you) for the farewell greeting for all guests in Bumbu desa. The waiters say those greetings with the uniqe style, with the right hand crossed on the left chest. This signed that Bumbu desa crew give a honor to the guest and prise the Lord because of fortune.

Go to Bumbu Desa, we can feel like in our own village. We can see the Sundanese food that has a village taste but packed modern with the Sunadanese music "Degung". The taste that not relly hot from Gurameh Cobek, soft meat from Ayam Bakakak accampony with Es Goyobod and Kopyor Pajajaran that be favourites food from Bumbu Desa.

We can get the food by self serve (prasmanan). All the food in Bumbu Desa include a high price in Yogyakarta, because Bumbu Desa looking for the midlle-high class. Bumbu desa has a comitment to sell a culture that can not find in anywhere. So, for Bumbu Desa, a high price does not matter.

Bumbu Desa is very uniqe, because all the waiters wear the Sundanese costum. Saturday and Sunday we can see they wear "kebaya Sunda" and Toto Popong and for the ather days we can see thay wear the "kabayanan" costum. "Tetap Paling Kampungan" is Bumbu Desa slogan. For you who looking for or miss the Sundanese food, you can go to Bumbu Desa.

Every day on 10.00-22.00 WIB

Gurameh Cobek    Rp. 38.000,00
Ayam Bakak          Rp. 37.000,00
Sup Gurameh       Rp. 39.000,00
1. VIP Room
2. AC
3. Toilet
4. Music
5. Parking Area

For those who want to celebrate birthday, you can go to Bumbu Desa. "Tim Kencleng" Bumbu Desa will give you a surprise with the kitchen sound and "tumpeng". The las but not the least, Bumbu desa will give you a necklace from beam.


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