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Merti Dusun Cerme

Dusun Srunggo, Desa Selopamioro, Bantul INDONESIA

Of the many social and cultural-art activities in Selopamioro village, the ceremony of Merti Dusun, or Bersih Dusun is quite well known. This ceremony takes place on the front yard of Cerme Cave, located between the hamlet of Srunggo I and Srunggo II.

Ceremony of Merti Dusun, or Bersih Dusun, or Sedekah Bumi, is usually performed on the harvesting time. It is meant to express the people’s gratefulness to God the Almighty. Merti Dusun ceremony in Selopamioro is also aimed to ask God the Almighty to bless the community with safety, welfare, happiness and success in performing their daily life.

Set of offerings
The offerings used in this Merti Dusun ceremony are:

a. Nasi Gurih
b. Ingkung Ayam
c. Jajan Pasar
d. Pisang Sanggah
e. Nasi Golong
f. Sekar Konyok
g. Tumpeng Menggono
h. Nasi Liwet
i. Etc.

The Merti Dusun or Bersih Dusun ceremony takes place on the paseban (audience hall) of Cerme Cave, once in a year. It is performed on Minggu (Sunday) Pahing of the Javanese month Suro, from 9.00 AM to 12 PM. midday.

Formerly, on the old days, the carrier used to bring the offerings was a jatingarang (winnowing tray). Later on, after an agreement among all the community, it was brought by using jodhang (kind of litter) which is carried on shoulders. The ceremony starts with the procession of local people, especially the married men, leaving for the paseban in front of Cerme Cave.

The first row is the jodhang containing the offerings, followed by the audience and local community wearing traditional costumes. At 10.00 o’clock the ceremony is opened with some speeches. Then the Kaum Rais (leader) guided a pray with the audience say amen together, and followed by burying of a buffalo head wrapped with plain cloth, assisted by the juru kunci (keeper, person in charge of the place). The ceremony ends by having meals together, known as dhahar kembul.

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