5 September 2015 |
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Pondok Tamsis
Dagadu Malioboroman

Labuhan Hondodento Yogyakarta

Parangkusumo, Kretek, Bantul INDONESIA

Hondodento Sea Offering is a cultural event held in Parangkusumo which is followed by many people for more than 30 years and particularly it is held by Hondodento Foundation. The sea offering is regularly held every 15 Sura (in the month of Java), and gets much attention as a tourism object. Whilst the preceeding event at night before the 15 Sura at Parangkusumo by people from Klaten and Surakarta is also well appreciated.

This offering is a thankfulness and praying ceremony by giving "uba rampe" to the sea of Parangkusumo. The procession is began from Pendapa Parangtritis. And all of the participants is using traditional clothes of Java.

At the front line, women who bring the offerings, using a traditional umbrella, followed by the other participants. At Parangkusumo all participants sits on the sand facing the ocean to follow the ceremony which is started by praying together. Then they have a reading to the history of Hondodento Foundation and the goal of sea offering on Sura. The key guardian officer whispers to the Queen of South Sea..

After giving flowers to the sea by the women, the sea offering is continued to the main event that is "labuhan uba rampe". Thousands of spectators waiting since early in the morning took the offering on the beach immediately. Some people believe that if they get the stuff of the offerings they will achieve some blessing.

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