31 August 2015 |
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Dagadu Malioboroman
Pondok Tamsis

Merti Dusun Krebet

Dusun Krebet, Bantul INDONESIA

Merti Dusun Krebet is a form of cultural ceremony which is held as a thankfulness to the Almighty and begins with gunungan reception containing food. It is similar to the gunungan made by Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat at Muludan commemoration at Alun-alun Utara Jogja.

The procession was begun with Gunungan reception done at sub village?s mosque yard, which is located 1 kilometer of Krebet's hall. It is continued with Gunungan convoy, walk to Krebet sub village. It was escorted by soldier like Jogjakarta Palace's soldier and followed by Krebet sub village's people bringing ubo rampe kenduri (meal for sacred ceremony rite) contents of banana, apem (kind of bread), ketan (sticky rice), kolak (cooked banana) and flower offering, which were brought by about 100 or more people. It is done as thank God expression of his blessing showering.

This gunungan contents of daily food material and fruits as Krebet sub village's harvest, such as paddy, pumpkin, chilly, garlic, onion, tomato, long bean, carrot and fruits, like banana, orange, apple, water melon, grapes and so on. All is arranged well on the gunungan, which was made in 1.5 meters high, so it looks beautiful, likes a mount rich of abundant crop. In that way, the people express their thanked God, accompanied with pray God.

After the convoy arrived at village hall, the gunungan was given to the oldest people and there was together praying that was done likes kenduri (eating together) custom in Java. After the praying finished, ubo rampe (meal for sacred ceremony rite) were given to the people. They scrambled to get that food, because they believe that that food gave blessing for their life.

The gunungan was given back and the convoy was continued to the square near of village hall to be given to the local people. It became carried off then. From kids to old scrambled to get that food, because it also gives blessing.

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