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Didik Nini Thowok

Perum Jatimulyo Blok G-14 Yogyakarta INDONESIA

Didik Nini ThowokDidik Hadi Prayitno, alias Didik Nini Thowok, was one of the most famous artist of dancer recently. His interest in the world of dance appeared since his childhood, when he was often asked by his mother to see some dance exhibitions. Graduated from SMA I Temanggung 1973, Didik decided to move to Yogyakarta and studied at Akademi Seni Tari (ASTI) Yogyakarta. Here Didik learned Tari Jawa Solo, traditional dance, and Tari Kreasi Baru by Bagong Kusudiarjo.

Born in Temanggung, November 13th 1954, Didik particularly mastered female dance rather than male dace (Tari Putra Gagah). At that time, his skill was not popular therefore he rarely got a chance to perform his dance. Then after Bekti Budihastuti created a new choreography of dance which was inspired by Ki Narto Sabdo, that was Nini Thowok -a danc e comedy- Dhidik's name was famous and popular. In the dance of Nini Thowok, Didik roled as female witch.

In 1980, Didik with Tutik Nini Thowok, Bambang Nini Thowok, I Nyoman Sudewi, Sumyat, and some of his friends established Sanggar Tari Natya Laksitha (NL).

Since the performance of Tari Dwimuka by Didik Nini Thowok, people were impressed by the world of dance. Tari Dwimuka was actually inspired from a movie where one of the characters using mask behind the head. Dances of Didik were usually full of comedy which invited so many applause and complement from the spectators. He achieved art award from HB V Award in tourism field.

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