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Pondok Tamsis
Dagadu Malioboroman

Kelahiran: Brokohan

One of birth traditions in Javanese culture is Brokohan. This kind of ceremony aims to requesting that baby will be a good person in the future. The set of offerings is as follows:
- For noble family: dawet, raw egg, jangan menir, sekul (=sego, nasi) ambeng, cooked rice with the side dishes, innards of a buffalo, pecel with chicken meat, kembang setaman, coconut and (uncooked) rice.
- For common people: nasi ambengan, consists of nasi jangan, peyek, sambel goreng (fried chilly sauce), tempe, mihun, jangan menir, and pecel ayam (pecel with chicken meat).

This ceremony starts with burying "ari-ari" (placenta) of the baby and providing brokohan offerings to be distributed to the neighbors. The brokohan offerings consist of raw egg (of chicken), a half circle of brown sugar, a half piece of coconut, dawet (traditional Javanese drink) and kembang brokohan i.e. rose, jasmine, and kantil (champac, kind of magnolia).

This ceremony is held soon after the baby was born, attended by the mother and fother, the shaman, the elders of the village, and relatives. There are some forbidden food in this ceremony, i.e. sambal (chilly sauce), vegetable cooked in coconut milk, egg, fresh-water fish, and salted egg.

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