28 August 2015 |
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Dagadu Malioboroman
Pondok Tamsis

Kereta Kangjeng Kyai Garudayaksa

Museum Ratawijayan, Yogyakarta INDONESIA

Kraton Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Kadipaten Paku Alaman have several royal chariots which are now kept in museum of Ratawijayan for royal chariots from Kasultanan Yogyakarta, and in museum of Pura Paku Alaman from Paku Alaman.
Museum of Ratawijayan was a garage and workshop for the royal chariots, and sorrouding by "gedhogan" or stable. Recently in the museum, there are more or less 20 (twenty) royal chariots. Whilst in the museum of Paku Alaman there are more or less 4 (four) chariots from the era of Paku Alam I (1812-1829).

Royal chariot of Kangjeng Kyai Garudayaksa was made in chariot factory of Hermansen Co. Holland in 1867, and has been used as the main royal chariot since the era of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana VI until present days. This chariot is only used by Sri Sultan for "kirab" or a sacred convoy, or for visiting the residence of the Governor (in the past) to celebrate the birthday of Queen of The Dutch, and also to welcome some honoured guests.

There are eight horses which withdraw the royal chariot of Kangjeng Kyai Garudayaksa. There are also many ornaments on the body of the chariot, such as the shape of a throne in European style, a statue of a myth animal, and also flora. This chariot is also equipped with penongsong and four royal lamps.

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