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Collaboration of Frau and Restu Ratnaningtyas

23 November 2017, Ruang MES 56 Yogyakarta

YOGYAKARTA – This 23 November 2017, Faru will be launching her 4th mini album called Tembus Pandang at Ruang MES 56 Yogyakarta. This mini album is a collaboration that started in 2015, between Frau and Restu Ratnaningtyas, an artist whom acknowledged for her beauty in painting with water colour paint. In this event, audiens are invited to listen to songs in this mini album and to interact and share about this work of collaboration.

Songs in this mini album are first to be performed on 3 April 2015, when Frau first met face to face with Restu Ratnaningtyas in routine music-visual art collaboration concert titled Lelagu at Kedai Kebun Forum. This event tha has been held for elevemth time that time usually performing collaborations that emphasized on visual response of an artist towards sounds that are made by corresponding musicians. Frau and Restu then decided to part this responsibility: Restu would be responding to 3 of Frau’s songs, Frau would be responding three of Restu’s painting. This aloh-media collaboration process always needed a ‘lense’; ‘lense’ which is said to be always see-through. This collaboration then produced 4 songs that are offered in this mini album. 

After releasing her 3rd album titled Parasite Lottery in 7” vinyl disk in 2016, this year Frau came back and released her 4th album titled Tembus Pandang in compact disk format and distributed by Sbatu Records. Record label that owned by Frau herself.

At this album launching, for the first time songs in album of Tembus Pandang is played in public, and later then continued with chat with Frau, Restu Ratnaningtyas, and Dimas Ario about creative production process of this album. Tickets are sold pre-order for Rp 25.000 and for CD are sold at price of Rp 47.500.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. 


Working Partner:

All of the songs are created by Leilani Hermiasih

Keyboard and vocal by Leilani Hermiasih

Recorded at KUA ETNIKA studio by Anton Gendel

Mixing and mastering by Anton Gendel at Sangkar Emas Studio

Illustration and cover design: Restu Ratnaningtyas (Stephen Shaul collection)

Pictures by Wimbo Ambala Bayang

Layout by Alfonsus Listanto

Produced and distributed by SBATU RECORDS 

Contact Person

Ticket RSVP: 082137243302

Media Partner:

Uul : 081237325329


Frau Management

Adi Adriandi

Komplek Sabo Centre no 9 Sopalan

Maguwoharjo Sleman Yogyakarta 55282

Hp : 081804270113

E :

W :




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