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Tips to Overcome Fever Seizures

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Often children with fever due to various things, such as climate change or infected playmates.  Continuing to see effects of this form of seizure. So what if your child has a febrile seizure? Check out these tips!

Understanding the symptoms of crises
Often begin a state of nervousness, tremor, weakness, shortness of breath and even fainting.

Keep away from dangerous objects
Because if the seizures uncontrolled movements of the body, it helps your child away from the table, chairs and other objects that can cause injury.

Start Respiratory
Tilt the child during a crisis, then the breathing started by tilting the back of your head with your hands.

Take off
Double clothing should removed. Holding the air in contact with the skin surface. Avoid ice or warm freshwater. This causes the fever actually a long decline.

Contact medical staff
Immediately to the nearest hospital or health center before the child the temperature rises again.

Provide coverage

Once the temperature drops quickly envelop the child.

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